June 24, 2008

Let’s Get Social

It’s about time. For the past couple years I’ve been following the ongoing conversation on social media and creating strategies to utilize social media within my own job at Carolyn Grisko & Associates here in Chicago.

I love the amazing insight put forth by Lee over at SMUG and Jeremiah over at Web Strategy to name a few (I assure you the ole blogroll will grow rapidly over the next couple weeks). I love learning about new trends, creating new strategies, discovering new perspectives and engaging in good conversation about social media. It’s an undefined process enhanced by tools that ultimately rely on sheer conversation and interaction. Pure communication at its finest.

The short history of it all is that I’ve lived in Chicago for the past four years where I’ve been at CG&A implementing social media, marketing and PR campaigns for a variety of nonprofit, corporate and government clients. I grew up most my childhood out near Seattle, went to college down in Nashville, lived out in Newport, RI for awhile and made my way back across to the Windy City.

Above all, I’m obsessed with social media and its ever-changing role in the world of communications. Not good for a guy that loves spending time outside.

I look forward to my little space here and I look forward to the conversations that will evolve. Come, join me, discuss.

Let the journey begin.



Join the conversation! 1 Comment

  1. Congratulations, Scott. I’m glad to see you’re diving into this personally as well as for your clients. I’m definitely subscribing!


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