An article in this week’s issue of PRWeek talks about MySpace’s redesign and their shift in focus to draw in more users over the age of 30.

First, kudos to MySpace for tackling the redesign by applying feedback from its users. Obviously a logical step, but I’m always curious about whether MySpace is over its heyday and what approach the company will take to change their current market position. Hard to argue that the site is going anywhere fast with more than 117 million profile accounts recorded on the books.

I will say that I’m enjoying the redesign much more than the old platform. They’ve definitely cleaned things up quite a bit by simplifying the nav bar with buttons and edged toward a simpler vibe. That being said, I’m concerned that one of their ultimate goals in the redesign is in fact to “allow more immersive advertising opportunities.”  The site already tends to bog down a lot during the day with traffic and I can’t imagine an increase in advertising doing wonders for page load time. 

On top of it all, I’ve got to be honest…I’m not sure how many more times I can deal with’s “interactive” ads trying to lure me to their site with some random girl pretending to hold a conversation.

I look forward to seeing how the site progresses.

It’s Friday, cheers.


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