It’s not uncommon to see eyes roll and shoulders sag when the topic of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes up in conversation. For someone not interested in Internet marketing or social media (there’s a bridge, wait for it), I can see where it would be an intimidating topic.

Nonetheless, as more and more companies and organizations continue diving deeper into social media and discovering the value of online communities, SEO will invariably start to click as a crucial component to any online marketing strategy.

It was really interesting to come across Jennifer Laycock’s post yesterday about the importance of bridging SEO with social media. In the post, Jennifer delves into key SEO components missing from an Olympic Athlete Experience site first introduced by Rohit Bhargava. Jennifer certainly brings up some great points and makes you really think about all the key components that go into layering a site to maximize search potential. If anything, it looks like a great analysis and good feedback for the Ogilvy group to improve the site.

Point being, if you’re active online and have a strategy and goal in mind but haven’t thought much about SEO, it’s time to start doing so. There are plenty of resources out there and the SEO Tutorial isn’t a bad beginner or refresher resource.  


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