Earlier this year, YouTube stepped up its services by adding a analytical element called YouTube Insight. For any PR person, simple, effective analytics are a dream come true. Luckily, in the world of social media analytics are pretty refined and YouTube Insight helps put a bit more science behind marketing and tailoring online videos.

After a video is posted, the site immediately begins tracking statistics about viewership, popularity, discovery and demographics.

Why is this important?

Let’s say I’m planning to produce and post a series of ten videos during the course of the next year for client X that demonstrate the “World’s Best Dance Move” with the goal of increasing brand awareness and ultimately driving viewers to visit company X’s website.

By regularly analyzing each video’s statistics, I now have the ability to adapt my production plan to tailor my video content to the demographic that’s actually paying attention. Furthermore, I’m able to discern what tags (The Sprinkler, The Shopping Cart, The Running Man, etc.) and method of discovery (via embedded players? external links? Google search? YouTube search?) are generating results. Now I just need to convince my boss to find such a client.

If you have a YouTube channel and have posted some videos since March, I encourage you to hop over and check your Insight. In addition, enjoy this nice little “Intro to Insight” video below from one of YouTube’s finest.


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  1. Great stuff, Scott. I just had someone point out the Insights feature to me a couple of weeks ago. It does give you some great almost real-time feedback (I’ve found that the stats seem to be delayed 24 hours or so). In any event, a lot better statistics than you get through mass media.

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