You’ve got a target audience in mind. You know bloggers are important to this audience and to the topic, issue, product or company you’re trying to market. So, HOW exactly do you find the right bloggers to connect with? 

Time and time again you hear about bloggers complaining about PR people pitching completely irrelevant topics. No excuse.

There are a ton of resources and tools out there created for the sole purpose of conducting blog searches that make it easy to find the appropriate people to connect with on any given issue.

I’ve found that utilizing a combination of the following five resources has generated the best results for my purposes. 

*Note, these resources are useful for general search scenarios. If your target audience is specific to Mom Bloggers, I would recommend digging deeper and starting a search over at blogher, Chicago Mom’s Blog or a similar outlet.

Google Blog Search – #1 in my book. Quick, simple, very comprehensive. Go Google. 

Technorati – I’ve always had mixed opinions about Technorati. According to the site, they are “Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.” Can’t argue that. It may be slow at times but still a solid resource to check out.

Blogscope – I recently started using this site and was quite impressed by the thorough results. The one downfall is that it limits search results to 50 returns but you apparently just need to write the research team to get further access.

Blogger – Tagged profile items are great for digging up those with similar interests, locations, etc. 

BlogCatalog – I’ve always enjoyed this community, very clean and easy to use.

So, what’s your favorite blog search platform?


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  1. I try to use a combination of Google Blogs, Technorati and Ice Rocket. There is a lot of overlap but sometimes one will catch something that others don’t.

    What infuriates me the most when searching blogs is trying to search by date/most recent.

    It seems like sometimes this “search by date/most recent” category is based on two actions: the actual posting of the blog and then any comments thereafter. It makes it really hard to determine the actual post date of the blog. Also, when you sort by most recent in technorati, a lot of them are out of order.

    Has anyone else run into this problem?


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