This has been a week of learning.

Work transitioned to Office ’07 and now Facebook has opened up and provided us a look at the new interface. At first glance, I wasn’t so sure. Call me human, but it takes me a moment to adapt to change. After a second take, all the changes seem logical, just as they do with the Office ’07 changes. Let’s be honest, I have 100% faith that Mark Zuckerberg and his team went above and beyond to ensure these changes would be easily adapted by the masses. 

I was actually a big fan of having everything condensed into one simple page, but it did get a bit tedious to scroll excessively on profiles that displayed application after application. I’m enjoying the tabbed items (though I would like to see a drag and drop option to control the order your tabs) and the primary focus on the wall makes complete sense. After all, the wall is the heart of public interaction for this particular networking tool.  

For those that are teetering on their decision about the transition to the new interface, hop over to this post about “Finding Your Way Around The New Facebook” which provides analysis on the main changes. 

What’s your vote? Thumbs up or down on the new design?


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