I’m pretty new to the world of Twitter and I’ll be the first to admit that it took awhile for me to make the leap and sign up. It’s an incredibly clean, simple site and it takes all of a couple minutes to create a profile.

This simplicity is a telltale sign of the site as a whole, which operates around the premise of providing updates or “tweets” limited to 140 characters (via web or mobile text updates). It’s basically a networking/community building tool situated around the concept of instant messaging. Like all well-designed networking sites, once you participate, you get IT.

Another great aspect of Twitter is that it makes it really easy to find and follow others on the site. You can search by name or any keyword which will yield results based on what words users place in their profile. In addition, you can synch updates to your profile through RSS Feeds and also incorporate updates on your various social networking profiles.

For instance, anytime I update a blog post here, TwitterFeed automatically posts a Twitter update and announces that I’ve published a new blog post. Moreover, I use the Twitter application on my Facebook profile to provide updates as well and you can even set this up to update your Facebook status. I’ve been meaning to incorporate a status update tool here as well, which I plan to do soon. 

*Note – Be careful, just using Twitter for RSS feeds and not providing regular personal updates can be viewed as Twitter noise or clutter and demonstrate a lack of authenticity by the community.

From an outside perspective, it seems that it would be incredibly overwhelming and a huge time demand to follow a bunch of users as they tweet the day away. The fact of the matter is that the setup makes it really easy to either quickly scan over updates from those you are following or even select whose updates you want to have delivered to your mobile device. 

So, if you haven’t already signed up and found me on Twitter, here are five reasons to help sway your decision.

1. To network with other like-minded professionals and gain excellent expert insight

2. To listen, listen, listen and monitor various trends

3. To provide live updates from a particular event you may be attending

4. To use as a marketing tool to help drive traffic back to a blog or website

5. Because everyone knows the new catch phrase will be,
“You Tweet?”


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