September 11, 2008

YouTube is the New MTV

In poking around YouTube this week I was wondering what search terms people are most frequently looking up when visiting the site. I honestly thought there would be more out there and that it would be easier to find.

A bit of digging landed me on the Data Hub website where I was able to check out the most popular YouTube search terms during July 2008.  

It’s surprising to me to see the amount of music searched on the site. Are people still really engaged by the MTV-era of music videos or is it that YouTube also serves as a quick, easy way to play full-length songs that others have uploaded or recorded from live shows?

One would only hope that August and September’s statistics would put Obama and McCain somewhere on that list as a demonstration of our country’s engagement in the upcoming election, but we’ll have to wait and see. For now, Lil Wayne continues to top the chart with an undoubted boost in online search from Olympian Michael Phelps.


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