Last month, I came across a post from Mari Smith about best practices for initiating a Facebook page. Facebook pages were initiated to provide a space for companies, nonprofits, products, brands, groups, public figures, etc. to have a presence on Facebook and provide a mode of interaction with supporters.

Despite the increasing popularity of pages, I still get the feeling that many people are confused as to why and how they would use a page to supplement their company’s marketing efforts. I’ve highlighted a few reasons below why a page is worth considering as a supplemental tool for your social media plan.

  • Facebook pages can be accessed by anyone. In other words, you don’t have to have a Facebook account to view the page. This is important since the general public does need a Facebook account to view your profile or groups.
  • As Mari notes, Facebook pages are indexed by Google and will likely rank very high if your page is active and you choose a thoughtful page title that reflects your core mission and key search terms.
  • Facebook only allows you to have 5,000 friends on your profile but you can have an unlimited number of “fans” on your page.
  • Pages allow you to send “updates” or direct messages to your entire fan base (groups cap this function at 5,000 members) and more importantly, target exactly who the message is delivered to based on demographics and locations. You can imagine how this would be a great asset. For example, this feature allows our presidential candidates to quickly deliver targeted action messages and personalize connections with supporters in a particular city or state.
  • Pages have solid content flexibility and allow you to add photos, videos, notes and discussion board items as well as good applications such as YouTube Box to quickly embed your YouTube videos, Profile Box for HTML flexibility and Simply RSS to automatically update your page with new blog posts.
  • You can create as many pages as your heart desires. Again, key for a large company or organization that may have different marketing tactics for various products or for a nonprofit with various outreach initiatives.

The final takeaway?

Set up a Facebook page for yourself. It’s incredibly easy to get going and provides much more flexibility than group and cause pages in terms of adding content and adjusting the format (you can also keep the page in private mode just to practice). As with any social media tool, remember that it’s not just about starting a page, but about providing strong content and regularly interacting and engaging with your supporters and fans.

Sample Pages:

Mayo Clinic

Barack Obama

Red Flavor Pringles


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  1. Thanks for the mention, Scott. We’ve been happy with our Mayo Clinic page so far, and it’s been a good place for patients to share their stories and good wishes. We probably haven’t done as much with it as we could, but we also wanted to be there and not have someone start a page and “brandjack” us.

  2. Hi Scott,

    Thanks so much for the mention! I’m delighted to see you’re a fellow Facebook and Page enthusiast ! I’d love to see Facebook making that feature WAY more obvious for business peeps. Not many members would think to look under “Advertising” for a FREE feature!


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  5. Can share with my colleagues at work as we begin blogging from a corporate perspective.


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