This morning, I had the pleasure of attending the Chicago Business Marketing Association (BMA) roundtable discussion on social media. General seminars like this usually go one of two ways in terms of being very engaging or just more of the same ole, same ole. I knew today would fall under the former category. 

Today’s presenter was none other than social media guru Steve Rubel. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably heard of or in some way been influenced by Steve’s work. Now a Sr. Vice President for Edelman Digital, Steve has rocked his way to the top of the social media influence ladder predominantly though his blog, Mico Persuasion

After setting a broad framework for the presentation, Steve dove in on explaining eight key emerging trends that he sees shaping the social media world. I’ll keep an eye out for a presentation posting to share later, but for now, here’s a brief overview of Steve’s insight with a bit of my interpretation mixed in.

8 Emerging Social Media Trends

1. The Cut & Past Web

Web content is continuing to become more portable which necessitates providers creating content that users can engage with anywhere (think applications being used on mobile devices or iGoogle integrating widgets).  

2. The Attention Crash

Pretty self-explanatory – we’re experiencing information overload. It falls upon all of us to continue to find new ways to simplify our messages and modes of engagement to have any form of success.

3. Digital Curation

Every niche and target audience will be addressed with breadth and depth. Gone are the days of mass outreach. Successful online outreach will be found by maximizing focus around a target audience.

4. The Numerati

The digital space has become the most powerful and measurable media/marketing platform (contrary to what many still believe). Analyze your data, it’s there! Google Trends, Facebook Lexicon, etc.

5. Collaboration

The Web is no longer a tool for just controlled communications. There is a giant shift toward open communications (blogs, viral videos) and an even stronger push to get to open collaboration on a much grander scale. An example being Dell’s IdeaStorm.

6. Geek Marketers

Companies are realizing they need to hire people with a combination of both tech knowledge and marketing expertise. These are the folks driving brands as online ambassadors.

7. Digital Nomads

There are a lot of freelancers and entrepreneurs driving social media trends and pushing us all to new levels as top-end content creators. This trend will continue to grow.

8. Data Leaking

Innovation and tech-savvy consumer trends are outpacing corporations. Gen Y (woo-hoo!) expects to be able to utilize the same tools at work that they use at home. This will change the way we all communicate and work efficiently. The tools may change, but the need for quick, constant, fluent conversation and access will not.

All in all, a great overview of where things are headed. 

Care to share ideas on other social media trends you’re seeing?


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  1. Been WordPress surfing and your blog was the first result after searching “Media Trends.” I’m slowly getting acquainted to the social media scene and keep learning new, important information everyday. Recently added Steve Rubel’s “Micro Persuasion” to my blogroll and enjoyed the content you posted based on his presentation today.

    As far as social media trends are concerned, Twitter just keeps boosting its reputation for personal and professional social media purposes. This month’s “Public Relations Tactics,” has a great article: “Ten Reasons Why Your Company Needs To ‘Tweet.'” Short but sweet read that basically pinpoints 10 great ways that Twitter can be used in a professional setting. Enjoyed today’s post and will continue to follow your blog.

  2. Very nice, thanks for finding me and stopping by. Absolutely, Twitter is blowing up on so many different levels. It’s a great, simple platform that I think will really continue to shape our need for quick, accessible information exchange.

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