Fact – there are a lot of tools and applications for Twitter out there with more and more being created each day. It’s exciting times for the platform and it seems that most users are still in flux about what applications help provide the most efficient user experience.

As a follow up to my previous post on popular Twitter tools, I wanted to call attention to a few others you may find useful in helping make your interaction with the site more efficient.


Google Alerts for Twitter! An easy way to track keywords or URLs being tweeted about in the Twittersphere. It even tracks shortened or tiny URLs, making it a nice tool for brand and conversation monitoring.


Another URL shortening tool with the added bonus of allowing you to track how many times your URL is being clicked on. A very good point is made in this Twurl explanation, noting that we previously had no method of tracking click-thrus on URLs we post on various sites that utilize some form of micro-blogging or “status updates” such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Though the tool is in an early development stage, it’s great to see yet another step forward for actionable measurement with social media.


An excellent, simple tool that categorizes various Twitter users according to their expertise, profession, interests or whatever other data is in a user’s profile. Again, all the more important to make sure you take time to make the most of your Twitter profile! In addition, Twellow also provides quick links to a user’s other social media sites if the user has input that information.


A tool that allows you to see which of your friends know each other. Heads up, that it does take some time to calculate (3 min. or so).


A nice tool for creating private Twitter groups. Everything Twitter explains the purpose of GroupTweet more in-depth with this post. I really like the ability to tweet multiple group users at once and can see how this would be really useful for communications within various departments or group brainstorming sessions where not all meeting members are physically in the office.

Last, but not least, Upright Communications provides this post about Twitterquette, outlining simple do’s and don’ts to help make your Twitter efforts worthwhile.

Happy Tweet’n,


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