Today’s post is a bit of a diversion from analysis and insight to more of an opinion rant.

We’ve all seen it. A “w00t” here, a “w00t” there. Whether it’s in a tweet, a Facebook status update or just in a message to friends, the “w00t” is all too prevalent. For those that don’t know what I’m referencing, the word “w00t” or the phrase “w00t, w00t” is the social media/tech junkie equivalent of expressing excitement.

For example, I recently posted a Facebook status update letting my network know I would be attending a particular rock show. An immediate response from one of my friends was simply:

“w00t w00t!”

I kind of felt like responding with “gezudteit” just for fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for abbreviated expressions online, especially when we’re all finding creative ways to cram thoughts and ideas into 140 character posts.

The “w00t” has apparently been around for quite some time and originated amongst Internet gamers according to this Google answers forum, which notes:

“w00t belongs to gamers the world over. It seems to have been derived
from the obselete ‘whoot’ which essentially is another way to say
‘hoot’ which itself is a shout or derisive laugh. But others maintain
that w00t is the sound several players make while jumping like bunnies
in Quake III.”

Whatever the case may be, I’m posing that we eliminate the “w00t” and consider upgrading to some more modern versions of the the expression. I propose the following options:




“chirp! chirp!”

Okay, I know I’m facing a losing battle. I mean, honestly, how can you compete with Merriam-Webster’s 2007 Word of The Year. They’ve even taken it to the level of creating shirts:


I digress. It’s Friday.

w00t, w00t!


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Join the conversation! 4 Comments

  1. I remember using ‘woot’ as early as Quake II and it was an acronym for ‘we owned the other team.’ Although it appears to originate in hacker slang pre-dating online gaming…

  2. I’m sensitive to anyone who posted w00t and have noticed it’s used way to often for things not being “owned (pwnd).”

    LA Derby Dolls

  3. Great post you must keep going. And i’ve bookmarked your site.

  4. I agree, but you did just remind me to go check out today’s special on That site rocks… šŸ™‚



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