We’ve all heard it. We all know it. Some may have forgotten it.

The Grandma Test.

It’s a pretty straightforward self-evaluation. Before you say, act, write or do something questionable, ask yourself – “Would Grandma approve?”

Well, guess what? The Test still applies. In fact, on the social Web, the Grandma Test applies more than ever. Twitter is a prime example of an online space where you really should not let your guard down.

Need a quick Twitter Grandma Test refresher? Here are a few examples:

*Nobody needs to know that you are currently using the restroom. Seriously, they don’t.

*Nobody needs to know that you haven’t been able to get a date through X online dating site for the last six months. Take a hint.

*Profanity…on Twitter? Really? Just don’t do it.

*These two tweets from @southtownstar (mind you, this could be a case of brandjacking and someone is just broadcasting news stories, but we are lead to believe it is a profile for the Southtown Star newspaper) blew me away:

Who beats up old people? http://bit.ly/ixMR

Oops. Cops now say the elderly folks were shot in the head. http://bit.ly/ixMR

Ummm….no, did you really just tweet in that manner about an elderly couple from the Chicago suburbs that was shot to death?! I really hope this isn’t the actual Southtown Star and I really, really hope no relatives of the couple ever see those tweets.

The point?

Revisit the basics. Be smart. Before you post a tweet, ask yourself whether you would you get on a megaphone and announce your tweet in front of a packed room of listeners (let alone Grandma). There is of course Twitterquette, but there is also basic common sense.

Use it.

Otherwise you risk being mocked and giving me more reason to consider starting a @terribletweet profile or separate blog to feature such fallacies.


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Join the conversation! 2 Comments

  1. Awful…I’m a little embarrassed I used to write for them. Another unsuccessful way a dying industry is trying to be hip.

  2. That’s right, I completely forgot about that. No reflection on your fine reporting Ms. Schott.


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