Time constraint is always a major concern for clients looking to dive into social media. For those using Twitter, I highly encourage you to check out TweetLater as it’s one of the better Twitter monitoring tools around.

The site allows you to schedule tweets, send automatic thank you notes and automatically follow new followers. I’m not particularly fond of any of these services as they eliminate the importance of personal engagement which is so crucial on Twitter. However, TweetLater also allows you to track keywords and will email a digest as frequently as every hour to provide you with an update on tweets containing your specified search words or phrases.

I’ve found this to be an excellent resource for keeping on top of conversations taking place for my various clients using Twitter. TweetGrid is still my preferred choice for active Twitter monitoring but TweetLater takes the cake for getting a solid daily snapshot of tweets.

As opposed to just using the service for brand monitoring, this also allows you to take a proactive approach to seeking out conversations where you can be of help in providing an answer or information to help a user. Yet another value add to making the most of Twitter for maximizing customer relations outreach in a very efficient manner.


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  1. Thank for the suggestion on this. Just set up an account. This is perfect for those of us running multiple business twitter accounts.

  2. Was thinking of taking advantage of the auto thank you feature on this site. Since we’re opening an additional club, you think it would be reasonable to send a thank you email to new Schubas followers saying “thanks for following. If you like what we do, you might want to follow our new club’s twitter…” Or is that selling too hard? I think it might be relevant.

  3. There is a lot of back and forth on whether auto-responses are good vs. bad. On one hand, you’re a music venue and using a budURL to link over and tell new followers to check out your show calendar wouldn’t be a bad idea. That follows this line of thinking – http://tinyurl.com/dzclrj

    The other side is of course concern over loss of personal connection – http://tinyurl.com/67o5sy.

    You all get a lot of followers and given the personal, intimate nature of the venue, I would prefer to see a tweet once in awhile that gives a @ shout to 3-4 new followers, thanking them.

    I also dig what you all are doing with giveaways. That can be great for a venue. What exclusive show poster or t-shirt giveaways as well? Show us more behind-the-scenes twitpics of bands, schubas staff, good eats at Harmony, bring that place to life, lots of good content options.

    What about running some Facebook ads around shows/ticket giveaways with a tailored landing page on your Fbook page to get people to also become fans?

    Is there opportunity for a Schubas YT channel that could host exclusive quick 2 min. band interviews, a brief vid of Mike talking about the history of the venue, etc.?

    I’ve got loads of ideas. Loads…


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