Earlier yesterday my super-savvy CG&A coworker Ryan, passed along a link to a new Twitter tool called TweepMe. When I finally clicked through to the site, it took me all of three seconds to raise an eyebrow after reading this:

What is TweepMe?

TweepMe is the fastest way to accumulate followers on Twitter. When a new member joins, every other member automatically follows the new member, and the new member follows them back. The process is gradual and happens over the course of weeks or months depending on the number of TweepMe members.

Noooooo. For real?! As you might guess, Twitter has suspended this application for the time being.

I’m not going to echo everything that’s already been said in Cheryl’s assessment of the site, but I will re-emphasize one key point:

Quality vs. Quantity

I’ve harped on this before, but TweepMe is a perfect example to highlight. Why in the world would you want thousands of people following you with 99% of those followers not caring one iota about connecting with you? If you’re going to do that, you might as well sit and talk to yourself in a mirror.

As Cheryl notes, Twitter works and works well when you connect with others that are in your industry, geographic area or those with whom you build strong relationships with because of similar personal or professional interests.

In a phone call with David Mullen a few weeks back, we chatted about managing the Twitter stream and how he is able to keep up with thousands of followers. The reality of the matter is that most people don’t. It’s simply too much.

Naturally, we keep close tabs on a core group of 30-40 people. Humans aren’t capable of maintaining close relationships with thousands of people. Certainly, there are tools such as Tweetdeck that assist our efforts, but most quality conversation is directed toward those with whom we build personal relationships over time.

Don’t worry about getting thousands upon thousands of followers. Instead, hone in on building strong relationships and making a concerted effort to really connect with your core group.

All in all, I’m glad to see Twitter put TweepMe to rest for now. Seems like the site was a recipe for SPAM disaster.


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  1. The thought of following 1000’s of people scares me, I currently follow about 30 people and even that seems too much. I’m glad that I have discovered TweetDeck though, as the more people I follow the more the groups option becomes useful.

  2. Actually, the account wasn’t suspended for that. The http://twitter.com/TweepMe account was banned for their use of the Hummingway program. Their new account, http://twitter.com/Tweep_Me is still active.


  3. Thanks for the clarification Mike.

  4. Well, I have to agree. I can barely keep up with the followers I have now, and once I start seeing things I don’t like I unfollow.

  5. Thanks for the clarification Mike.

    Not a problem. You do have to give them credit for being honest about what occurred with their previous account.

    I can’t keep up with my followers either.


    I mean…

    good post.


  7. Been waiting for someone to bring that up. Have you seen this:


    $500 for followers. πŸ™‚

  8. Oops, they changed it. Used to be $499 for a week. It’s now $149 for 50k views which they say is two days of usage. Sorry about that.


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