By: StymShinji

By: StymShinji

There are a variety of tips floating around the Web that discuss the best way to shoot online videos. Last month, YouTube switched to allowing users to upload and watch videos in high definition (HD).

This is a huge step forward for the site as YouTube used to use a standard process that resulted in uploaded videos being heavily compressed. In the past, I’ve found that any sharp editing cuts or transitions tended to be blurred on the site. Though Vimeo has been using an HD channel, YouTube’s adaption opens up a nice new avenue as it remains the top-rated video sharing site.

Think HD is too pricey to shoot?

Think again. Check out the Flip MinoHD, now pricing at just over $200. Great, simple device for shooting video on the fly, making minor edits and uploading direct to your channel.

In addition, if your company or organization shoots video, be sure to check out these key tips to optimizing your YouTube upload so as not to botch an intended widescreen format.

Get a shoot’n!

As of December 2008, studies showed that 76% of Americans are watching online video. Video presents a host of opportunities to connect with audiences through an active, engaging format. Demonstrate thought leadership and expertise, supplement an upcoming news release, gather customer testimonials, show the lighter side of your company though a little humor, give your audience an exclusive look “behind-the-scenes” – the creative options are endless.

If you haven’t already, use 2009 to take advantage and start shooting some video!


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