March 27, 2009

Google Loves Nonprofits

You’ve got a goal in mind. A mission in life. A fiery passion to create change and have a real impact upon the world. You’ve filed the paperwork, settled on a plan and now it’s time to get busy with your brand new nonprofit.

Grants and budgets may be down but technology and the Web continue to thrive. Before you begin diving into a flurry of tweets and vlogs, don’t forget to make sure you’re maximizing some of the great tools and resources Google directs at nonprofits.

In particular, see if you’re taking advantage of the following free resources:

Google Apps & Analytics
It actually wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I actually switched over to Gmail. Ridiculous, I know. Anyhow, it’s true what they say. You can pretty much run a small business from your Google account. Not a bad option to operate in the cloud, especially for nonprofits that often have limited resources or outposts all over. Google Analytics are also a stellar resource to keep tabs on those Web site stats.

Google Grants
Free online advertising is always a good thing. With no end date or need to re-apply once you’re approved, this program is a great way to attract attention and drive online Web traffic or fundraising from those that care most about your cause.

YouTube Nonprofit Program
Incredible branding opportunities, free video tips
and the ability to incorporate fundraising should be enough motivation to take five minutes to fill out the application. On top of that, you can create your own ad on your videos that link outside of YouTube to help drive traffic back to your site. Well worth the minimal effort.

Google Checkout
Web fundraising made safe and easy.


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