By E-lame

By E-lame

Gone are the days of dreaded internships spent chasing down coffee for the boss, cleaning up after client meetings and spending hours on end next to the copier followed by additional hours feeding the shredder.

CNET announced on Monday that Pizza Hut is actively seeking a paid intern to handle their tweets (@pizzahut). Apparently the gig will take place in Dallas over the summer and entail engaging in a variety of social media (Facebook, YouTube, blogs, etc.) attending a series of corporate events, attending marketing meetings and brainstorms and monitoring online conversations (I can imagine Dallas heat does wonders for your pizza appetite…not to mention repeated Twitter searches around “pizza”).

It’s hard to say whether this position is posted in response to the Domino’s fiasco last week. I would hope that a large brand such as Pizza Hut is having this intern work under an already exisiting social media manager.

In any case, I’ll offer one tip to the new Pizza Hut Twintern. Beef up the Pizza Hut Twitter bio and start following more tweeps. Pizza Hut is a big brand and they’re hurting themselves by not getting more personal and engaging more of their loyal brand evangelists.

For other college students preparing to tackle a not-so-tweet friendly internship this summer, no worries, you can always use this new application to disguise Twitter as Excel.



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