Is your company or organization’s Facebook fan page lacking as much traffic as desired? YouTube videos generating fewer views than expected? Not picking up quite as many Twitter followers as you anticipated?

It may be that you’re forgetting to cross-promote and make yourself as accessible as possible online.

Social media sites are rarely the main place you’re primarily channeling traffic. Rather, websites still typically serve as “home base” for completing customer transactions or having your target audience take desired action. Outside of sites such as FriendFeed, at this point and time, there is not one main location on the Web to interact and engage with your network through all social media (though some digital experts see this change on the horizon).

As it stands, Facebook thrives as a top notch social network. YouTube stands above all competitors as the most popular video sharing site. Different social media sites serve different purposes and enable us to connect with various audiences. However, in the end, it is the consistent interactive experience across various social media sites that helps determine whether or not someone becomes supportive of your company, organization or product.

If you’re making it hard for your target audience to engage and interact with your brand on their terms, you’re fighting yourself. What’s the solution?

Make it simple to connect.

Put links to your various social media sites front and center on your home page (nice job Sherman Hospital). If you need more space, create a “Connect With Us!” section on your home page that links to a landing page with all associated social media links (well done Mayo). Use your strong website traffic as a gateway to a more interactive experience for your visitors. Make it easy for them to connect with you in real-time.

Likewise, new customers are naturally going to find you through your various social media sites. Providing links on your YouTube channel (disclosure – Science Chicago is a client with nonprofit YouTube status which enables additional branding opportunities, but a good example), Twitter profile and from your Facebook page are all great ways to engage different audiences. A potential customer may see one of your YouTube videos but then only truly become passionate about your brand after seeing that their close friend is a fan of your page on Facebook.

You’re only helping to close the gap in letting potential new fans and brand evangelists fall through the cracks by cross-promoting and providing engaging online touch points.


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