By:  Atomicshed

By: Atomicshed

I’m a big fan of “tool tip” lists (TwiTip and Lee Aase are masters). They’re usually quick, simple and  easy to apply right away. I’m also a huge fan of blog series posts and every so often I come across a series that leaves my mind spinning with ideas. That’s how I feel right now.

This is not news, but Amber Naslund is an incredible blogger. If you’re not already, you should subscribe to Amber’s blog and never miss a post. Yes, she’s that good and I don’t mean that in a “if I give her props, maybe she’ll give me a reciprocal traffic boost” kinda way. She’s just a straight up really good blogger.

Amber recently tackled writing a series about “How to Build a Social Media Team.”  It’s a timely post as I can’t seem to make it through a couple hours each day without hearing that question come up.

How DOES one go about building a social media team?

Who owns social media in a giant corporation or large organization?

What does it really mean in terms of roles and responsibilities to be part of a social media team?

How in the world are we going to find the time & resources to manage social media?

If your company has even hedged towards the idea of engaging audiences online, chances are good that these questions have surfaced. If they haven’t, they will…if you want to continue to have an effective communications department.

Now, do yourself a HUGE favor. 1) Read each and every (seriously, you’re only cheating yourself if you don’t) one of Amber’s posts below. 2) Subscribe to her blog and continue to learn from girl genius.

Equipping a Social Media Team

Assembling the Social Media Team

The Social Media Team:  Roles & Responsibilities

The Social Media Team Toolkit:  Listening

The Social Media Team:  Plug In & Participate

Now, thank Amber and start building your team.


*NOTE: Those that have followed me here know that I usually try to post 3 times/week. I’m going to be scaling back to 2 times/week so that I can A) spend more time reading, commenting and studying awesome posts such as those above and B) take advantage of the outdoors during the rare few months of warmth we get here in the frozen midwest tundra.

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  1. Scott,

    Well wow! Thanks so much for the incredible support. And I’m going to put “girl genius” on my business card and tell everyone that you said I could. 🙂 (I kid, of course).

    The most important thing to me is to get digging into the how-to of all this stuff. The why is great, but for the companies that are already convinced but a bit lost, we need to give them something to grab hold of to start doing these things on their own. That’s what I’m aiming for, and I’m really grateful that it’s working for you and you’re sharing with others.

    Thanks again!

    PS – realizing your local, we should grab coffee or a beer one of these days when I’m in the city.


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