Michael, John, Doug

Rarely do I go the personal route here. If you’re looking for social media tips or strategy, you may want to skip but I wanted to take today to honor my older brother and his two friends.

Doug (my brother), Michael Dahlquist and John Glick were all close friends, local musicians and coworkers at Shure Inc. here in Chicago. Four years ago, on July 14, 2005, all three were killed as their car was hit from behind at a stop light. The individual responsible for the act was traveling at 90+ miles per hour, attempting suicide. She’s walked free since last October.

Words can’t begin to express how much we all cherished Doug, Michael and John. Together, they touched thousands of lives.

It’s funny to think back about my brother’s involvement on the Web. He was never a techy or big fan of the Web. But a community builder? Absolutely. In any situation, people seemed to gravitate to Doug. Were he alive today, I have a feeling he would have evolved into a social media superstar. I can’t help but hop over and look at his journal entries (seriously worth the laughs and one of the best representations of Doug) when reminding myself about the importance of owning a creative voice and keeping a light outlook on life. I also have a feeling that based on these two videos below, there would have been quite the YouTube channel in the mix between the guys.

As Doug, Michael and John touched the lives of others from across the country, it’s the social Web that allows us to quickly connect with one another, recall fond memories and memorialize their lives. The humor, compassion and amazing talent of all three men will always be remembered.

In the words of Doug’s college roommate and close friend Joe Gray, don’t forget to always “hug your friends.”

RIP fellas,


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  1. Deeply moving and tremendously insightful. Community builder, indeed.

  2. Great minds do think alike. Very touching. Hugs!!

  3. I am not going to even go into my thoughts on the trial… I only want to say it seems we have all lost. I think you are right, those guys would have had a huge SM following

  4. Hey Scott. Your brother seems like a hilarious dude. Wish I could have met him!

    He’d be proud of you man.

  5. Saw your post on the Trib. As a Skokie resident and one who remembers that accident very well, I just wanted to say you and the families are in my thoughts. Every time I go the back way to Walmart I see the building where they worked and can’t help but think of how in that moment so many lives were changed forever, also I travel that corner almost daily. I was stunned but not surprised by the final outcome.
    May all of you find some comfort in your memories of your loved ones.

  6. Thank you all for the kind words, he was an amazing older brother.

  7. Sadly I never met your brother, but just from reading this and watching the video you can see what an incredibly talented and funny guy he was. Talent and humor clearly run in the Meis family. Thanks for sharing this, Scott.

  8. So well said, Scott. Doug was one of the neatest people I have ever had the privilege to know. I never pass by Tank without thinking of him and the astroturf resort on the roof. He will never be forgotten. See you at Schuba’s in a couple weeks.

  9. Thanks for this Scott…I always smile when I think of Doug. All the best to your Mom, Dad, and brother—Althea

  10. Great stuff Scott. That video is a wonderful tribute.

  11. […] UPDATE: Social Media guru Scott Meis has written a deeply moving and insightful piece about Doug, John, and Michael here. […]

  12. Great post Scott. Your bro always seemed like a funny fella, but that video certainly proves it. I hadn’t read that Chicago Mag article until now. It’s something to see it all laid out years later.

    Hopefully this doesn’t come off as a shameless Schubas plug, but here’s the listing for the benefit happening at Schubas next week in case anyone’s interested.
    All proceeds will be donated to the Doug Meis Gifted Artists of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund.

  13. Greetings! I’ve been following your web site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Lubbock Texas! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good job!


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