This is most certainly not an attempt to suck up to our CEO. I promise. Bragging? Yes, a bit. Sucking up? No.

Last week, the Holmes Group released their annual report, with one list ranking the Top U.S. Agencies to Work For. Our firm was quite excited to see that CG&A ranks #10!

Very cool and yet not surprising when I think about it. In September, I’ll cross my five year mark here at CG&A. I interned for my first three months and was officially hired in January 2005. It’s been interesting to be a core part of the firm’s growth. During my time here, the firm has continued to operate as one big family, focused on servicing clients with dedication and passion for success.

In an ordinary job, it’s easy to feel burnt out after finishing a hectic week or big project. However, I mean every word when I say that I look forward to working on my client projects each day. Here are just a few reasons why I enjoy being part of the Grisko team:

1. Coworkers – The heart and soul of any job is being surrounded by smart, creative, personable coworkers that know how to work together in a pinch to meet looming deadlines and share a laugh at any given moment. PR/Marketing firms can be hectic arenas when multiple accounts are on fire. Everyone at CG&A brings a levelheaded approach and unique set of skills to the table that fits together like a puzzle.

2. Client Pride – We all take a great deal of pride in the accounts we work on day in and day out. As a firm, we tend to be selective but extremely dedicated to our projects, not pursuing just any new business lead that comes through the door. A quick glance at our client roster reflects that focus. We’re in the business of making a difference and ensuring we help clients achieve their goals.


3. Creative Atmosphere – We get to work in a very cool space and have a CEO that recognizes the importance of a good work environment. We’re in a nice open loft setting in River North…and we keep the strung X-Mas lights on year round for extra creative juice. We’ve also got an amazing nonprofit that works next door and good ole Bill Kurtis Productions above us (yes, his voice is just that amazing in real life).

4. Flexibility – One of the cool things about small to mid-size firms is the degree of flexibility that can be established on the account front. Starting as an intern, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to focus on to kickstart my agency career. I was able to work on a couple legislative campaigns and straight up PR projects. It wasn’t until about my second year that I started to hone in and find my passion for digital marketing, social media and online community-building. Having a CEO and leadership that was open to helping me find my groove made a big difference.

5. Work is Fun – Not many people get to say that every day. Whether I’m developing strategies, producing a video, building a blog, snapping photos, leading a brainstorm or pitching a new client, every day is a new, exciting challenge. That’s why I take pride in my work and feel passionate about the projects I work on. That’s what work should be and what clients deserve from hiring an agency.

I’d encourage you to learn about some of my colleagues here, over on LinkedIn, or fan CG&A over on Facebook!


Claire & Nick


Holly D, Margarite, Beth, Terri

De Roin & Margarite

De Roin & Margarite


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  1. Scott, how great to see the recognition for all of you at CGA! All of the things you describe above are obvious in every interaction with you, Carolyn and the rest of your team. The result is the great work you all continue to do.

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