Yesterday, I had the pleasure of presenting  a Webinar for PR Daily. The Q & A was yet another good reminder to me that although the digital needle continues to push ahead, there is still a wide array of fundamental issues and concerns that global businesses and local hospitals alike are working to figure out to best implement social strategies.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing and here’s why.

A year ago, I would often field questions from others asking why in the world a company or brand would ever need any of this time consuming “social stuff” when they already have a Website. The majority of the questions from yesterday were situated around technical or tactical questions about enhancing engagement through Facebook. Bravo. The realization that an online strategy is a crucial component of your overall integrated communications strategy has definitely sunk in across the board. The focus has now shifted to tweaking, adjusting and ensuring proper baseline steps are being taken to maximize long-term engagement goals.

Special thanks to the PR Daily crew (@rebeccajshaffer and @msebastian as well as @lisanewkirk) for coordinating, hosting and moderating. A few different PR Daily newsletters remain high on my “must read” list. If you don’t already, I’d recommend checking them out.



Facebook for Public Relations – PR Daily Presentation

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  1. It’s nice to see how many companies now are not only aware but also seriously participating in the evolution in communications and marketing. Good!

    You were a treat to work with – thank you for agreeing to do this project and sharing your expertise.

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