This morning, I came across this post on ReadWriteWeb touting an upcoming YouTube project called Life In A Day.

By now, you’ve probably heard about similar projects such as Flickr’s Project 365 which plays off the same crowdsourcing model to encourage users to submit a new photo each day throughout the calendar year. The New York Times did a similar effort around their “Moment In Time” photo project which has the added integration of some nice social sharing features and a great interactive map.

What I love about the Life In A Day project is that it’s a simple ask and carries through with a tangible reward for strong submissions. Partnering with LG as a sponsor, the project team will also select 20 contributors to the film to attend the film’s premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (which I’m a HUGE fan of).

Aside from having an incredibly slick YouTube channel for the project, the films directors and coordinating team are keeping the ask very simple. Shoot some creative footage about what you love, fear or makes you laugh. Shoot yourself, family, strangers…it’s a blank slate for creativity.  According to YouTube’s product marketing manager, Tim Partridge:

“You can film the ordinary — a sunrise, the commute to work, a neighborhood soccer match, or the extraordinary — a baby’s first steps, your reaction to the passing of a loved one, or even a marriage.”

Check out the promo spot below and get ready to do some shoot’n on July 24.



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