The world of communications demands patience. Whether you’re a strategist, designer, videographer, measurement or media relations guru, we all face situations every day that demand patience.

Maybe your design ideas aren’t quite in synch with your client’s vision. A much anticipated video is requiring more edit time than planned or you have a jittery feeling that your press release is never going to be labeled as “final.”

Here’s the good news. No one is a perfect communicator.

Communications is an art form with a touch of science, but predominantly an art form. As artists, we are constantly working to improve ourselves. We work hard to hone our skills and build on experience.

The tough part? Patience.

There is no guiding principle that automatically makes someone a communications expert after 5, 10, or 15 years in the industry. There are highs and lows, successes and failures like any other career path. But in the end, I imagine most communications executives would reflect on patience as a guiding principal that helped shape their career success.

A friend posted this video below to Facebook last weekend. Being a photographer myself, I relate to the direct focus of the film but also feel this takes a grander vision on the importance of remaining patient in developing any creative skill set.

Give it a watch, it’s a great lesson. It’s a little lengthy but well worth…your patience.

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