Happy early T-Day!

That was kind of anticlimactic.

I echo my T-Day post last year requesting that you take time on the big day to shut down the digital world and focus on having face-to-face conversations with those that mean the most to you in life. It’s asking a lot considering 59% of American adults will check e-mail over Thanksgiving. But honestly, hug those folks sitting across from you. Don’t DM them or “like” them – hug them. Rest assured that all 384 of your other Facebook friends and 277 Twitter followers will still be right there after your big feast.

Now, before you do your big shutdown, I encourage you to take a little online action by participating in this year’s Tweetsgiving. Tweets who? That’s right, Tweetsgiving.

Earlier this year, Sanjay Patel and the fine folks over at Epic Change completed an amazing feat by using funds from Tweetsgiving efforts to build a primary school classroom and library. Give the video below a watch, follow my lead and drop a donation and help spread the word! Thanks all!

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