Whoa, whoa, stop right there. I assure you that is not yet another 2010 social media trends or 2011 forecast post (those will come later). Although this blog focuses 98.9% on social media and online marketing, I simply have too many interests and hobbies not to broaden post topics a tad.

With that, here’s a list of some of my favorite personal and professional content finds from the past year. Happy holidays and safe travels to all. Cheers to a fantastic 2011!

Top 5 Favorite Professional Blogs in 2010

All Facebook
With changes on the world’s largest social network happening everyday, few are able to quickly and effectively communicate implications, reasoning and end-user impact. All Facebook is my daily “go to” hub for staying on top of Zuck’s vision.

Dave Fleet
I’ve always had a great amount of respect for Dave’s dedication and clear insight around the social space. Chances are you’ve come across Dave’s content in some form or another but his blog remains on top of my “must read” list each week.

Hubspot Blog
Anyone who gives an inkling about effective online marketing is zeroed in on Hubspot. The crew does a fantastic job with their blog, utilizing strong visuals and outlining tactical plans for boosting traffic through smart strategy.

Communications Conversations
Whether helping PR pros land gigs through HAPPO, coordinating MN blogger conferences, or sharing valuable insight on tough topics, Arik is not only an incredible connector but a passionate stronghold in the social world.

Selfish Giving
Joe Waters does not simply know “cause marketing.” Joe helps define cause marketing. As more and more corporations and nonprofits begin to refine what it means to build mutually beneficial partnerships, Joe is helping map the pathway to success for cause marketers across the world.

Favorite New Music Blog

I love music and although a traditional first stop lands me at Pitchfork on any given day, Slowcoustic is a constant “go to” for satisfying my indie folk and lo-fi acoustic music discoveries.

Favorite New Band

Strand of Oaks

Not new, just new to me. I just really enjoy this band.

Favorite New Music Video

KEXP. Outdoor concert. Sunny summer day in Seattle. Incredible local band. ‘Nuff said.

Favorite Professional Book from 2010

The Networked Nonprofit
Simply put, it’s a great book. Fantastic strategy insight mixed with a tangible plan for helping nonprofits shift their internal dynamic for maximizing external engagement.

Favorite New Nonprofit…s

One Day’s Wages
Love the concept, motivation of the team running the show and overall impact of this organization.

Team Up for Nonprofits
Ryan Hodgson
has merged two of my personal interests  into an excellent organization that hosts monthly concerts that benefit local nonprofits.

Teen Feed
Megan Gibbard runs a great organization that fills a much needed void in Seattle.

Favorite Photographer from 2010
Hands down award to Cole Rise. Guy shoots amazing, amazing stuff.

Favorite 2010 Photo Blog
I’m Just Walkin
. Meet Matt. He walked across the U.S. And shot photos. Fantastic visual storytelling.

Enough about me. What about YOU? Personal/professional, I don’t care. Share links to your favorite content finds from 2010 below. Happy New Year!

Image courtesy of Jen Collins.

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