I found an incredibly interesting new follower in my inbox the other weekend. Meet Domino’s Redmond Fan.

This is the first time I have encountered this intense of a brand advocate (brandvocate) on Twitter. We all of course witness social media brandvocates in a variety of shapes and forms in the social space on a daily basis. If I were a betting man (and clearly I am quite a stellar betting man), I would say that this profile spurred from the affiliate marketing program Domino’s launched last year.

I would be utterly floored if in fact the profile surfaced organically from some random Joe living in Redmond who simply can’t keep his paws off a tasty slice of Domino’s pizza – nor is able to keep any of his excitement and enthusiasm about said pizza to himself, thus feeling compelled to launch a perfectly messaged dedicated Twitter profile around his loyal pizza obsession.

You’ve got to give Domino’s credit for sticking their neck out and trying this type of social marketing approach. It would also be fascinating to look at any measurement and engagement stats around this program following a year of implementation. I can definitely see fellow Domino’s lovers in Redmond getting onboard with following this individual, especially if the deals are consistent and good.

Structured brand initiated marketing programs aside, it makes you wonder whether we’ll begin to see a greater increase in organic brandvocates during the year ahead. Social media is now embedded into mainstream communications and average Joe consumers know that brands are monitoring the Web with eagle eyes.

Will the end result be a simple increase in brand enthusiasts or are we at risk of an influx of faux brandvocate Twitter handles, Facebook pages, YouTube channels and blogs appearing with the goal of trying to draw special attention and cut deals from big brands?

What’s your take?

This post also appears on the Weber Shandwick Seattle blog.

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