Most PR pros are well versed in the world of PowerPoint. It’s the universal presentation platform that we all love and cherish – to a point. Unfortunately, we’re so grounded in PPT that it often becomes a crutch.

New biz pitch? Use PPT.
Client deliverable? Use PPT.
Internal training? You get the gist.

Why do we do this?

Yes, some clients demand PPT formatting or an RFP calls for a PPT presentation. But more often than not, it’s a matter of routine and familiarity that drives us to stick with our old standby. The real problem arises when presentations turn into bulleted talking points, leading to presentations that are destined to put your audience to sleep right from the start.


Fine, maybe not so drastic but, what if you decided to try something different the next time you’re tasked with “pulling together some slides”. What if you put this whole PPT thing aside for a moment and challenge your team to develop an alternative way to convey your message in a creative, fun manner? Is there a chance that a new delivery format and style may actually capture more attention and help your message penetrate through the clutter? Chances are good.

Here’s an idea to try out.

Use Prezi

How to Create a Great Prezi

Why? Storytelling is at the heart of our industry – it’s in our bloodstream. If you’re not a great storyteller, you’re probably not a great PR person. Prezi serves as a creative whiteboard to help you build and map a presentation in a way that better connects with your audience through spatial relations.

Within a Prezi, you can upload files and quickly add in YouTube videos. Get creative. Why not put a simple tool such as Wordle to use to help mix things up and still deliver your message?

Wordle Example

Furthermore, why not try delivering parts of your presentation through YouTube videos sprinkled throughout to add an additional layer of interaction with your audience?

Options for creativity are endless with a Prezi. If you’re like me and thrive on visual explanations, Prezi will force you to think intuitively about your presentation flow, ensure you are streamlining content and ultimately telling the best story possible without losing your audience from the time they see those 65 slides appear onscreen.

I highly recommend giving Prezi a whirl. Let me know what you think!

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  2. Nice work, Scott. I agree that PowerPoint is both overused and misused. I can’t wait to give Prezi a whirl! Keynote can also be used to make a less radical departure from PowerPoint norms… fostering better typography and transitions, and encouraging more and larger photos while discouraging too much text.


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