In case you haven’t noticed, storytelling is a pretty big part of what we do every day in the public relations industry. I’d go so far as to say that storytelling is at the heart of nearly everything I do – and I love it.

But in order to be a solid storyteller, you need to constantly study examples of great storytelling. What?? That’s right, you actually have to learn what works before you’re able to make your own stories sing.

Good friend Chris Sewell (@mydeadlyballoon) often remarks that great storytelling evolves from being able to find the “soul” of a story. I couldn’t agree more. We tend to instinctively know when we see a good story but it’s important to consider what elements make some content pieces great storytelling examples.

In my book, memorable stories surface in many different formats and may or may not have all the core elements we traditionally think about in a storytelling sense. But, soul…they all have to have soul. Here are a few soul-driven videos I’ve come across during the past couple months. Enjoy.

Probably my favorite of the bunch, this masterpiece explores the life of a collector, artist, and retired teacher and his history with a 40-year old Dodge Charger.

Exit Glacier Guides
Option A:  cut a talking head video with your lead guide and splice in some photos of your adventures. Option B:  pair stunning cinematography with a rich storyline the reveals an authentic approach to why you’re the best Alaskan guiding company around.

Big Farm, Oregon
I happen to be a huge Outstanding in the Field fan. Love this one.

You’re Not Alone.
Lengthy? Yes, a bit. Soulful? Absolutely.

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  1. Holy Moly… I went to that last one, “You’re not alone…” What an incredibly beautiful story — particularly the end… Thanks for sharing, Scott!!! I miss your face…

  2. I mean obviously I left out the most obvious “soul” story Steve 😉
    Miss seeing you around as well, hope all is well for you and Laura.


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