One thing I love about the Internet today is the sheer volume of great content floating around.

Certainly there is plenty of junk, but ever since reading Groundswell back in 2008 (still one of the best reads for our industry, in my opinion), I’ve been obsessed with analyzing the incredible shift we’re all experiencing from a social technographics perspective. As technology advances and social media continues to embed into mainstream communication habits, we’re witnessing a surge in quality content creation. To help you sift through the significant amount of great creative content being generated on a weekly…daily…hourly basis, I’ve included a few items from last week that caught my eye.

Enjoy and feel free to add any other relevant good reads, views or other solid discoveries in the comments below.


5 Traps You Have to Avoid When Pitching Bold Ideas

Mark Rolston, veteran Chief Creative Officer at Frog Design breaks down learnings and tips tied to re-framing how you pitch ideas and earn buy-in from the big dogs. Smart, smart man.


The Manhattan Project

I will never get tired of great timelapse videos. This one has set quite the bar and I can’t wait for Cameron’s follow up project, whatever it may be. Some smart brand will latch on quick to integrate with this genius.


Where Cool Things Happen

I love excellent curation sites that share a strong tie to design, travel, fun and interesting content. Just happened upon this site and it’s fantastic. Here’s the post that caught my eye and lead me on a half hour surf fest of their site…20 Creative Street Advertisements.


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