Good customer service isn’t hard – particularly when you have a great product to back it up. On a recent business trip to NYC, I was able to make a quick pit stop by my favorite clothing store, J. Lindeberg. While my wallet doesn’t always approve of my love for the brand, it’s been a top choice for the past few years.

During my visit, I met Jess who helped guide me through the right fits and provided some feedback as I made my picks. What made the experience particularly great was that Jess wasn’t pretentious or throwing me BS to try to nail a sale. She was real, honest and personable. So, it came as no surprise when I received the excellent, personal follow up email below (again, carefully opted in at the point of purchase) from Jess. This email probably took her a few minutes to write, but compare this approach to a template email response that most brands distribute after you opt-in to an email list.

In digital marketing world, we continually talk about building dialogue and personal relationships with our customers. While social media greatly facilitates these efforts, email is still the strongest engagement channel. Arming your sales and customer service team to truly engage your audience in a personal manner can be the slight nuance that sets you light years apart from other brands. Making the investment in time and personal engagement up front can mean nailing down a customer for life.

Well done Jess and J. Lindeberg.

Hey Scott,
Just a wee hello and thank you email. It was nice meeting you the other day, I’m glad we managed to find you some things, those jeans where the best cut for you.
If in the future, should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me here at the store. I am now your J.Lindeberg stylist here for your fashion needs. 
I will also be keeping you in the loop from now on about our sales, private events and new collections we have in store.
I hope you enjoyed your trip to NYC and had a safe fight home to Seattle. I look forward to your next visit in store.
For now have a great day.
Kind Regards,

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  1. […] I was initially a bit confused as questions popped into my head. You want me to sit here and take precious time to download your app to pick sizes instead of just asking someone? What if I want some cute girl sales rep to affirm or deny my gut pick on style? What if you don’t have my size but you may have it buried in the back somewhere? I have only technology to make this process happen?? This was going to be a tough sell for someone who appreciates the personal touch. […]


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