Halt right there.

You’re at a crossroads after a year of implementing your content marketing strategy. The monthly reports are okay but certainly not great (at least in your client’s eyes). Engagement is up and down across the board and lead generation just isn’t making a dent. Time to reconsider this whole content marketing thing, huh? Wrong.

As we quickly slide into 2013, its the perfect time to step back from your daily content planning and community management to do a gut check on your overall content marketing strategy.

TargetAudienceIf your strategy isn’t turning out as successful as you’d hoped, chances are that the core essence of your strategy has been off from the beginning – clear definition and understanding of your target audience.

Time to dig up those analytics across the board and properly assess where you are having the most success and challenge engaging with your audience. Are you driving engagement on the channels you anticipated or is there a surprising community that has emerged? May be time to refresh your planning and determine if a new channel needs to be explored. On a more fundamental level, are you truly solving the challenges or fulfilling the desires and cravings of your target audience?

So, where does one begin to ensure that they are nailing their target audience? Our trusty friends at HubSpot have done a fantastic roadmap with the resources below. Get on it!

Hubspot – How to Build Better Buyer Personas to Drive Killer Content

Hubspot – 11 Savvy Ways to Use Buyer Personas to Strengthen Your Marketing

Hubspot – PPT Template – The Marketer’s Guide to Creating Buyer Personas

Have an additional great resource that you’ve used to build out target personas? Be sure to add a link below.

Image courtesy of Tom Magliery.

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