Suffice it say that most brands these days at least recognize the potential power of content marketing and brand storytelling. That being said, there is still a grand divide between brands that are scratching and clawing to apply the proper approach, targeting, time and resources required to stand out from the content deluge we’re experiencing.

In particular, branded content can often feel forced and inauthentic if the heart of the content piece fails to center first and foremost around a great story that resonates with a brand’s target audience’s interests, needs and values. Recently, I’ve been tracking on local Seattle brand Filson and observing how they’ve advanced their approach to brand storytelling. In my mind, these guys are doing it right.

I’m a big fan of their blog, Filson Life. Interesting interviews with stunning photography (integrating “Products Featured in this Article” at the end), smart integrations with Instagram influencers documenting adventures relevant to the target audience and even extending storylines and content threads with behind-the-scenes production insights. Here is a sample video that Filson created as well that brings the brand to life with a strong emotional hook:

Great marketers and storytellers embrace the power of pathos and act upon that power to drive consumer perception in a way that aligns with an audience’s lifestyle and builds a relationship beyond the product being sold. Filson has forged down the pathos path and sets a standard for what I hope will be a quality content and storytelling goal that more and more brands will follow.

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