I had a grandmother that passed away from breast cancer. I have friends that have battled breast cancer and chances are pretty darn good that you know someone that has as well. Cancer infuriates me. I shouldn’t take it so personally, but for some reason I do and always will.The world would be a better […]

Note: This post also appears on Waggener Edstrom’s Thinkers & Doers blog. We’ve all seen the mundane status updates from our friends and brands we follow on Facebook: “Cat just coughed up hairball. Great.” “PBJ or ham & cheese…hmmm…” “People are here. We’re starting our meeting.” To no surprise, these types of status updates rarely […]

NOTE: This blog also appears on Waggener Edstrom’s Thinkers & Doers blog. Get ready. The giant social networking behemoth known as Facebook has finally stirred from its hibernation in location-based land. A move of this nature by Facebook is undoubtedly always followed by a flurry of activity by communications pros as everyone races to establish […]

Pathos. Sure, it may be a word that you haven’t thought about since half hearing it uttered by a droning professor during a random communications class back in college. But, as communications professionals, “pathos” or the art of emotional appeal, is something we all embrace as a core function of our job. Whether drafting a press release, brainstorming […]

This post also appears on Waggener Edstrom’s Thinkers & Doers blog. Yesterday, Mashable announced Ford’s plan to unveil the new Ford Explorer via a dedicated Facebook page. Typically, Ford would unveil a new design at the Detroit Auto Show but the team decided to capitalize on an opportunity to make their mark around a product […]

Today I had the honor of once again presenting a Webinar on Facebook for PR. With Facebook’s tools and features changing daily, it’s hard to keep on top of everything you can be doing to maximize use of the site as an engagement platform. I’ve embedded the presentation below for some good resource links. In […]

Hold your horses, this is not intended to be a breaking news post. If it was, I’d quickly receive a D- as a member of any crisis communications team. A couple of weeks ago, Facebook announced the launch of their new and improved insights dashboard. Page admins are used to seeing a setup similar to the dashboard […]