Gearing up to take that fun summer trip? Trying to gather together some maps of that great location? Concerned this image below may end up being you? Given the quick advancements happening in the world of augmented reality, you may soon only have to rely on the device that already sits by your side all […]

Pathos. Sure, it may be a word that you haven’t thought about since half hearing it uttered by a droning professor during a random communications class back in college. But, as communications professionals, “pathos” or the art of emotional appeal, is something we all embrace as a core function of our job. Whether drafting a press release, brainstorming […]

Last Friday, Microsoft (client of Waggener Edstrom) announced that they were pulling Microsoft Tag out of beta following their initial announcement of the tool 18 months prior. Though barcode technology has been around for a bit, Microsoft Tag caught my attention as an extremely user-friendly resource. You simply have to download the application to acquire […]