@mydeadlyballoon rocking #badmoviepitches A snapshot of the goodness in action. Be sure to check out Chris’ Twitter stream for more. A couple opens a coffee shop to discover it’s easier being married than it is business partners in “Grounds For Divorce” #badmoviepitches — Chris Sewell (@mydeadlyballoon) September 25, 2012 An elderly woman is jailed when […]

I’m a big fan of comprehensive guides. People and companies put a lot of time and effort into compiling the information and in the end, they’re often a great one-stop shop to refer back on for your own efforts or to help guide clients. Poke around, give ’em a gander, absorb and apply. Best Practice […]

Advocacy = Time…and more time…and more… Right?? Wrong. The word “advocacy” may seem intimidating to some, signifying a deep commitment and hours upon hours of effort to generate long-term influence. Yes, in many cases this is true; however, the social Web has opened up a world of options that enables each and every one of […]