I cracked up when I opened up this blog post from Common Craft on Monday morning. I took last Friday off from work and sure enough returned to an overflowing inbox (I have yet to join the Blackberry, iPhone, Mobile email world…if I did, I would be the guy on the train with his head buried […]

I came across this post from Mitch Joel about how agencies are adapting to the digital expertise required to compete in today’s world of communications. The list is originally pulled from a release on Business Wire announcing the results of a Sapien-sponsored online survey of 200 Chief Marketing Officers and senior marketing professionals. Some really […]

A quick diversion before I post on Groundswell Learnings Part 2. Kudos to Michael Martine (aka “Remarkablogger”) for his unselfish post to help jumpstart some traffic to other people’s blogs. Hop over here to check out his recent post and sift through some of the other bloggers congregating in the comments. Thanks Michael! Cheers, Scott