A couple weeks ago, Facebook officially launched a status update reply feature that mirrors @replies on Twitter. Now typing the “@” symbol into your Facebook status box followed by typing a friend, group or page name will prompt a drop down menu that allows you to select who you would like to tag in your […]

Is your company or organization’s Facebook fan page lacking as much traffic as desired? YouTube videos generating fewer views than expected? Not picking up quite as many Twitter followers as you anticipated? It may be that you’re forgetting to cross-promote and make yourself as accessible as possible online. Social media sites are rarely the main […]

Gone are the days of dreaded internships spent chasing down coffee for the boss, cleaning up after client meetings and spending hours on end next to the copier followed by additional hours feeding the shredder. CNET announced on Monday that Pizza Hut is actively seeking a paid intern to handle their tweets (@pizzahut). Apparently the […]

Anyone with an interest in social media has by now heard about the blow up over the Motrin Moms commercial. For those that missed the boat, McNeil Consumer Health Care, the maker of Motrin, released a snarky ad that poked fun at Moms who merely use front slings as a fashion statement while positioning Motrin as […]

User-generated content usually goes one of two ways in the eyes of a company or brand manager. It’s either perceived as scary and unwanted due to a lack of message control or embraced and encouraged as an opportunity to extend the reach of a message through third party credibility. We’ve obviously been experiencing a dynamic […]

I’ve been pretty focused on Twitter lately but mostly because I’m enjoying the platform and am intrigued by how other communications/PR pros are making use of the tool. From my own conversations with others about using Twitter for their own company or brand, one big question always seems to come up – what would we tweet […]

On the heels of my last post, I thought it would be good to follow up with a discussion on why your company or organization may find it valuable to have an active presence on Twitter. As with any social networking tool, it’s of course most important to first define your audience and establish your […]