It snowed last week in Seattle. Having grown up in the area, I will attest that it was a significant storm for the area but far less concerning than the reports that were put out across the wires. As many of my friends in these parts are also Chicago transplants, we shared a collective chuckle […]

CHALLENGE – You need to motivate 100 people to take action online. You have boiled your strategy down to the following two options: 1. Identify 1,000 people to connect with individually in the hopes that 100 of these will take your desired course of action. 2. Identify 15 key issue influencers to help leverage your […]

Wow. I’m going to sit back and try and put the 1.28 million thoughts bouncing around my head into some logical written format. With that, here’s the deal. For the past five and a half years, I’ve had the opportunity to work at one of the most amazing strategic communications firms around. Biased? Nah, not […]

This is most certainly not an attempt to suck up to our CEO. I promise. Bragging? Yes, a bit. Sucking up? No. Last week, the Holmes Group released their annual report, with one list ranking the Top U.S. Agencies to Work For. Our firm was quite excited to see that CG&A ranks #10! Very cool […]

Rarely do I go the personal route here. If you’re looking for social media tips or strategy, you may want to skip but I wanted to take today to honor my older brother and his two friends. Doug (my brother), Michael Dahlquist and John Glick were all close friends, local musicians and coworkers at Shure […]

Yes, it has in fact been way too long since I’ve featured someone as part of my “People You Should Know” series. I typically use a Q&A format for these posts but this one will be a little different. I’d like to introduce you to Roland Cailles, a former intern at our firm. We pride […]

I attended a PRSA workshop here in Chicago a couple weeks ago that focused on managing online reputation. Of great value at the event was a handout provided by Weber Shandwick that outlined 15 Realities & 15 Rules for managing your online reputation. Weber Shandwick had commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to conduct a worldwide […]