With the surge of input, analysis and foreshadowing surfacing around Google Plus, I thought it would be good to point to a few different posts that have caught my eye over the course of the past week. I admittedly haven’t spent a ton of time toying around thus far but am curious to see how […]

CHALLENGE – You need to motivate 100 people to take action online. You have boiled your strategy down to the following two options: 1. Identify 1,000 people to connect with individually in the hopes that 100 of these will take your desired course of action. 2. Identify 15 key issue influencers to help leverage your […]

Last week, I finished reading Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s highly touted book, Trust Agents. We’ve all witnessed the continued adoption of the Web as a crucial communications tool. What continues to lag behind in the PR/Marketing world is thorough understanding of how human communications patterns and relationships translate to the Web. Anyone who majored […]

I’m currently in the middle of reading two good books – Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s Trust Agents and Chuck Klosterman’s latest, Eating the Dinosaur. I’ll likely do a video review of Trust Agents when I’m done but there is a reason I mention both. Chuck Klosterman happens to be one of my favorite authors. […]

I’ve been pretty focused on Twitter lately but mostly because I’m enjoying the platform and am intrigued by how other communications/PR pros are making use of the tool. From my own conversations with others about using Twitter for their own company or brand, one big question always seems to come up – what would we tweet […]