Advocacy = Time…and more time…and more… Right?? Wrong. The word “advocacy” may seem intimidating to some, signifying a deep commitment and hours upon hours of effort to generate long-term influence. Yes, in many cases this is true; however, the social Web has opened up a world of options that enables each and every one of […]

I recently (yes, behind the curve on these) stumbled across some utterly amazing animated videos. I’ll let the videos do the talking but I haven’t had a good laugh like this in a long time. Yes, I’m admitting my digital nerdiness but these are great. *Language warning Engagement Embargoes ITC vs. HTC Evo

Earlier this month, Jason Baer over at Convince & Convert did a great post highlighting “6 Dangerous Fallacies of Social Media.” The list identifies the following fallacies: 1. Social media is inexpensive 2. Social media is fast 3. Social media is “viral marketing” 4. Social media results can’t be measured 5. Social media is optional […]