With spring around the corner, Facebook has come out of the gates with some changes throughout their site. Overall, I feel the changes are a step forward for the world’s most popular social networking site but there are some drawbacks. Here’s a quick snapshot: Re-Designed Home page As Rafe Needleman identified in this post about […]

Chances are good that you’ve seen a group on Facebook pop up explaining how the creator has lost or had their phone stolen. The group description usually mentions how the individual needs all their friends to join the group and post their phone number. In most cases, these groups are left open for anyone to […]

2009 will be an interesting year for everyone. It’s hard to say how the current economy will ultimately impact the PR/Marketing world, but now is the time to continue building your professional network. LinkedIn is my “go to” business contact database. As of October 2008, the site reported having more than 30 million users, covering […]