Continuing my “People You Should Know” series, I want to call your attention to David Mullen. A PR pro at Mullen (nope, not his firm, just coincidence) David is one of the most insightful bloggers out there. I’m always impressed by fellow bloggers that manage to have a family, work a full-time gig and are […]

Quantity then. Quality now. In the past, communications were structured around a much more static, shotgun approach where traditional media channels such as TV, radio and print were used to deliver messages to as many people as possible. The Web has shifted this model to a much more dynamic, dialogue where our real-time conversations allow […]

Last week, I posted about LinkedIn’s launch of a series of new applications for their site. Within my post, I referenced Plaxo and connected with John McCrea who currently works as Plaxo’s VP of Marketing. Having previously discounted Plaxo as a worthwhile site for my professional networking needs, I asked John to shed some light […]