You knew it was coming. As we move swiftly toward 2009, it’s the perfect time to reflect on a flourishing year and touch on different social media tools and trends that have helped us all navigate and explore new elements of the rapidly changing Social Web. Though this list could obviously go on for pages, […]

Chances are you’re either an active participant on social networking site Ning or have at some point visited a Ning site. Founded in October 2004, Ning was created with the intent of providing a basic, customizable platform for anyone and everyone to develop their own social network. The beauty of the platform is that it […]

As an official SMUGle, I thought it would be good to pull together a response to Lee Aase’s call for a post analyzing the Obama campaign’s use of the web and social media. I’m prompted to do this for two main reasons: A) Lee does an amazing job with SMUG and I’m a huge fan […]