CHALLENGE – You need to motivate 100 people to take action online. You have boiled your strategy down to the following two options: 1. Identify 1,000 people to connect with individually in the hopes that 100 of these will take your desired course of action. 2. Identify 15 key issue influencers to help leverage your […]

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure and honor of joining New York Times health blogger Tara Parker-Pope for a presentation to the Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing Society of Greater New York (HPRMS). In particular, my presentation focused on explaining current online social media trends as they pertain to the healthcare industry. In addition, […]

Earlier this month, Jason Baer over at Convince & Convert did a great post highlighting “6 Dangerous Fallacies of Social Media.” The list identifies the following fallacies: 1. Social media is inexpensive 2. Social media is fast 3. Social media is “viral marketing” 4. Social media results can’t be measured 5. Social media is optional […]