Yesterday can best be categorized as a Facebook flurry. Tied into fMC 2012, Facebook rolled out their announcement of the new timeline format for brand pages. As with any new Facebook announcement, marketers lit up the blogosphere with a flurry of posts to guide strategic planning and tactical implementation before Facebook automatically rolls all brand […]

Throughout the course of this year, we’ve seen Facebook pages develop into a solid marketing platform for brands. But, the reality of pages is that they are: 1) Very difficult to grow organically unless you already have an established brand and; 2) Can quickly cause a great deal of disappointment unless you have a forward-looking […]

With spring around the corner, Facebook has come out of the gates with some changes throughout their site. Overall, I feel the changes are a step forward for the world’s most popular social networking site but there are some drawbacks. Here’s a quick snapshot: Re-Designed Home page As Rafe Needleman identified in this post about […]