Chances are you’re either an active participant on social networking site Ning or have at some point visited a Ning site. Founded in October 2004, Ning was created with the intent of providing a basic, customizable platform for anyone and everyone to develop their own social network. The beauty of the platform is that it […]

Recently, YouTube launched a┬ávideo annotations tool that allows users to add notes and background information as well as link to other YouTube videos, channels and search results. It’s a cool step forward for the site in terms of increasing interactivity amongst users and opening up a door for more creative action through videos. As Lee […]

As an official SMUGle, I thought it would be good to pull together a response to Lee Aase’s call for a post analyzing the Obama campaign’s use of the web and social media. I’m prompted to do this for two main reasons: A) Lee does an amazing job with SMUG and I’m a huge fan […]