Whether it’s one word, a single link, 140-characters or a full paragraph, status updates have come to signify much more than “what’s happening” in one’s life. As social media marketing continues to flourish as a key channel for connecting with target audiences, the pressure to drive home a message with concise messaging mounts. Whether updates […]

Throughout the course of this year, we’ve seen Facebook pages develop into a solid marketing platform for brands. But, the reality of pages is that they are: 1) Very difficult to grow organically unless you already have an established brand and; 2) Can quickly cause a great deal of disappointment unless you have a forward-looking […]

A couple weeks ago, Facebook officially launched a status update reply feature that mirrors @replies on Twitter. Now typing the “@” symbol into your Facebook status box followed by typing a friend, group or page name will prompt a drop down menu that allows you to select who you would like to tag in your […]