Slideshare continues to evolve as one of my favorite social sharing and networking sites around. With more than 25 million visitors each month, it should come as no surprise that Slideshare can be utilized in a variety of ways for general professional networking, to showcase ideas, gain competitor insight, talent recruitment, advocacy,  develop new business […]

Everyone loves a list. Admit it, you know you do. So what is it exactly that makes lists, whether in the form of blog posts, articles in e-newsletters or elsewhere so appealing? I’m a list fanatic myself so here’s my take on why lists help make your messages stick with readers. 1. Lists Are Digestible […]

I’ve previously posted about how you can use YouTube as a crowdsourcing tool to get feedback on video concepts and creative. LinkedIn Answers is of course another great resource to pose questions for feedback or alternatively, position you or someone in your company as a thought leader and expert resource for a particular industry. A […]